Oct 23 2011

Week In Review: SEO & Free Lollipops

Learn the techniques I used to make over $4,000,000 in affiliate commissions! Check out my Free Affiliate Marketing Guide and learn the "how to" for Facebook Ads, PPC Affiliate Marketing, PPV / CPV Affiliate Marketing, And Media Buying!

This week in review covers two awesome SEO tricks, niche markets that will never fail you, creepy candy and much more!

  • Take This Lollipop….Please – Have you tried the lollipop yet? This incredibly creepy use of Facebook Connect is fascinating. It’s almost impossible to deny the power of social media.
  • How To Make Money On The Internet – It’s the tutorial millions have been waiting for. Well, the infographic millions have been waiting for, to be specific. Don’t miss this one!
  • SEO – XRumer – It Still Works! – If you think Google’s update killed XRumer, you’re in for a treat. XRumer, the god of link building, is definitely still alive and kicking.
  • Should I Change My URLs for SEO? – Dynamic URLs, unstructured URLs and long URLs – oh my! How do you choose the right format for SEO? By reading this post, of course.
  • Why I Hate Corporate Affiliate Marketing Events – What do you look for in an affiliate network? Style or substance? Jargon or results? Finch thinks you should choose the latter every time.
  • For Immediate Release – Must Read – If you think being an affiliate exempts you from the need for PR, you’re wrong. Check out this book that will help you master the PR world.
  • Five Niche Markets that Will Always Make Money – Think your niche’s time is limited? Here are five niches that are tried, true and here to stay. It is hard to go wrong with these markets.
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