Sep 18 2011

Week In Review: Office Space & Dating 101

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This week in review covers the disadvantages of having an office, an update for affiliates using MailChimp, a guide on how to write dating ad copy and much more!

  • Why You Shouldn’t Rent An Office – Working from home was the original appeal of affiliate life for most, but it seems like a rented office space is the new qualification for success. Do you really need one to be productive though? Maybe not.
  • Revealed: A Goldmine Of Inspiration For Niche Markets – Finch has found an unlikely resource for those looking to target niche markets. Don’t waste time searching for ideas when there are free community portals like this available.
  • MailChimp Blocks Affiliates – The MailChimp team has gone bananas! Get it? Hah. On Friday night, they decided to ban a number of marketers from using their email newsletter service. Get the full details here.
  • 6 Landing Page Tricks – REVEALED – Great graphics aren’t enough for a killer landing page. Increase your ROI with these simple tricks! They’ll help your landing page stand out from the competition and pull in conversions.
  • How To Write a Dating Ad 101 – Have you been struggling to create the perfect dating ad? Dating ad copy doesn’t have to be tough anymore. Just follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be well on your way to rocking the dating world.
  • Headline Case Study Results – Tasty Conversion Data – What type of headline makes the biggest impact with viewers? Mr. Green has set out on a mission to answer that very question. Check out this awesome case study.
  • How Sleeping More Can Improve Your Blogging – Everyone hates when writer’s block kicks in. The question is: are you really stuck or are you just sleepy? This post will explain why your lack of sleep is costing you subscribers.
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