Oct 31 2010

Week In Review: Monetizing, Telling, Selling, Split Testing, Scraping, and Branding

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This week in review

  • 25 Entrepreneurs Reveal their Monetization Strategy – 25 web entrepreneurs, myself included, answer the following question: “Did you start monetizing your business from day #1 or did you wait until you established a credibility? What influenced your decision?”
  • Are You Telling Or Are You Selling?Wow. A “way-out-of-the-park home run” post by Finch. You’ve always gotta be asking yourself “How can I maximize the likelihood of a conversion with every single click?”
  • How I Almost Doubled My Conversions In Less Than 5 Minutes – This is a quick post by Logan but it presents an awesome example of why you always have to split test. Little things can make a VERY HUGE difference.
  • Groupon for a Denver Cosmetic Surgeon – If you haven’t heard of or looked into Groupon, this post will help you realize just how powerful of a local advertising service it really is.
  • Build Your Own URL Scraper and Scale Your CPV Campaigns Sky High – This was an awesome guest post I put up this last Wednesday. It has a lot of technical detail, but if you’re running or have ever thought about running any CPV/PPV campaigns, you need to check this out and bookmark it.
  • Google Adwords: Horrific Results? – Using Dropbox as an example, this is an interesting post on how to do PPC when you have a site or service people aren’t aware of and don’t know they need.
  • Advice from the Pros – Short, sweet, and to the point, this post has snippets of wisdom from Shoemoney, me, Logan Thompson, Shawn Collins, and Danger Brown.
  • What I Learned About Entrepreneurship Through 15 Angel Investments – Neil Patel details what he’s learned in his experiences with investing into startups. Great advice and insights.
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