Apr 19 2010

Get 25,000 Twitter followers with Twitter Followers for Sale

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The other day Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker, told me about a recently made a Twitter service called Followers for Sale. It’s a very straightforward process and it works!

They sell any amount of twitter followers from 1,000 to 25,000 starting at $250 for 1,000 followers and $2,500 for 25,000 followers. That’s right… guaranteed twitter followers.

I am ALL about twitter (you should follow me by the way) so I tested this service out and ordered 1,000 followers.

I chose to have them added very slowly so as to not raise any red flags on my account.

After completing a simple and secure PayPal payment, I waited for the results.

On April 8th, I took these screenshots from my twitter account and twittercounter.com:

After 4 days, here are my twitter counter stats:

You can see that before ordering this service, I had a negative trend in followers… After ordering I gained the followers that I paid for pretty quickly!

And another screenshot 2 days later.

Now the main (and obvious) question I have are, who are these followers? Are they real or just some bot accounts?

After talking with some people, apparently the followers are indeed real people, real twitter accounts, etc. The way I understand the service to work is that these real people are paid a small fee to follow these people. It seems like a great way to increase your twitter following and as a result increase your sponsored tweets price, etc.

Awesome service!

Looks like you get a pretty hefty discount when you by in bulk!
- $250 / 1000 followers = $0.25 per follower.
- $1000 / 25,000 followers = $0.10 per follower.

This service is awesome, very affordable compared to other paid services, and is a very effective method to get a TON of followers fast.

Comparing to other paid services

But is $0.25 expensive in comparison to other services where you pay to? Let’s look at twittercounter.com‘s featured user option.

You pay around $459 dollars to be listed on twittercounter.com and from that you can expect around 1000 followers according to their stats. $459 / 1000 followers avg = $0.46! I’ve done this featured user option before and received around 1500 followers.
So at best…

$459 / 1500 followers = ~$0.31 per follower.

Being in the cost per action business, I like the whole “no risk” advertising models where you get exactly what you pay for. Twitter followers for sale is perfect for that!

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