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Local internet marketing is when you generate leads for local businesses. It’s similar to affiliate marketing in that it’s a performance based marketing plan.

Local internet marketing is something that I have tried before. I’ve read Shoemoney’s posts and guides about how he’s made a ton of money doing it and thought, if he can do it so can I!

So far my local internet marketing efforts have not been as good as planned. Really, it’s a lot more work than I expected (or maybe I am just used to the ease of affiliate stuff.) Jacob and I spend weeks preparing and really nothing major ever came out of it. I suppose, moving into the unknown always takes a bit more effort. Just like anything, you have to keep pressing forward until it becomes easier for you.

I’ve decided to pick it back up and give it another shot. This time I’m much more prepared and feel like I can make it more successful and worthwhile by modifying my business model a little.

First, I won’t charge on appointments anymore. I had a dentist as a client. Being my first client, I wanted to give them great results. The problem was how to track the results. See, I tried to make it based on actual client reservations instead of on a call/lead basis. Doing this really made things difficult. Not recommended.

I was recently re-inspired to try out local internet marketing after reading a REALLY great post / case study on local internet marketing Adhustler’s blog.

That post has great information and is worth checking out.

Anyone have some experience in Local internet marketing? I would love a guest post. :D

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