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I have done a lot of interviews in the past. It’s kinda neat to go back and read some of the interviews from early 2008, some even earlier, and see how I have changed over the years.

Here is a list from newest to oldest of interviews I have done in the past:

  • Blue Phoenix Media interviewed me. – This interview was right before I spoke at Affiliate Summit West 2011. :)
  • Interviewed by Zac Johnson – This interview is a part of Zac’s free blogging ebook called Six Figure Affiliate Blogging. In it is a great ebook about blogging as well as a TON of interviews from people in the industry. Just for the interviews alone it’s worth checking… but the ebook is also great! The thing I like about this is Zac asked the same questions to a lot of the top internet marketers so you can compare answers and see how each are different. Cool stuff.
  • Interviewed by Big Web Pages – A nice simple Q&A Interview.
  • Interviewed by ShareResults – Another Q&A interview. I enjoyed the questions here a lot.
  • Interviewed by Daily Blog Tips – This is a really cool interview where Daniel, the blogger from Daily Blog Tips, interviews me and 11 other popular internet marketers. He asks us all questions about work ethic. I heard recently that the average entrepreneur works 61.1 hours per week. This is good proof of that statistic.
  • Interviewed by John Chow – Ok… this isn’t as much an interview as it is a “profile” but I figured I’d include it. :P
  • Interviewed by Wes of Tracking202 – By far, the most popular video interview I have ever done. To be honest, I’ve never watched this video… I always turn it off a minute or two into the interview so I couldn’t tell you what I talk about.
  • Interviewed by Retire At 21 Dot Com – Retire@21 is an awesome site jam packed with interviews from YOUNG successful internet people around the world. I love reading those kind of interviews!
  • Interviewed by Keith Lock James – This is an older interview. It’s neat to see how far I’ve come even since this interview. I actually disagree with some of the stuff I said in the interview now. Lol.
  • Interviewed By DigitalThrone – This is one of my first interviews and it shows. How times have changed…

Fun stuff.

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