Jul 16 2009

Cut The Fat – Some Quick Tips To Instantly Gain Profit

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12795204When you expand your affiliate marketing campaigns, it’s easy at times to forget about cutting off the fat.

Fat in a campaign would be any traffic source in a campaign that is giving you decent volume but is not returning a profit. Over the years of learning to market online, I have learned a few quick tips that will help you to cut the fat out of your campaigns with little effort on your part.

These tips don’t apply to everyone, but I think these will help MOST campaigns gain further profits. You can send a portion of those profits to my paypal if you so choose. ;) Hahaha.

Demographic targeting:

If you’re trying to get some legit customers, and sell a product, you need to target people who actually have some sort of cash. Targeting 13 year olds will result in very few sales because mommy and daddy don’t like to give those kids their credit cards most of the time.

For any per sale related item, I suggest targeting at LEAST 25+ years old.

Now, going to the other side of the spectrum. OldWise people. Most people who are in the 60+ years age range are somewhat scared of the internet; not all old people are scared but a vast majority. Putting your credit card online is so insecure in their minds. Therefore, unless you’re specifically targeting old people, try to exclude them as much as possible.

This type of demographic targeting really does wonders on campaigns for facebook for example.

Google, Yahoo, And MSN also allow you to do demographic targeting to a certain degree of accuracy. These methods are far less accurate than facebook but overall have helped me turn unprofitable campaigns into $2,000 – $4,000 dollar profit days on some campaigns.

Content, Search Partners, Bad URLS, etc

Another quick way to trim some excess fat is to turn off the content network, search partners, and or block back urls.

In Google for example, turning off search partners (under campaign settings) is generally a good option. There are certain times when it works (and you’ll need to split test), but overall I turn it off. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this as well from friends just as an FYI.

Next, yahoo content network. Again something to split test. Content networks, both google and yahoo are something you need to monitor heavily. If you don’t, they can suck a campaign dry of all hope of profit.

There was one campaign for example on Yahoo that was using the content match network. I was getting TENs of thousands of clicks all from this one adgroup for extremely cheap. It looked like the perfect campaign! Sad part was that when it came to conversions, the clicks did not convert at all. It was almost as bad as digg traffic! ;)

Finally, compile a list of URLs (referrer data for the win) and look at their site. If the site is junk, block the url. Many places have some sort of blacklist where you can block bad urls. It’s quick, simple and really effective.

After doing these tips, you’ll have cut fat faster than an acai berry / colon diet combined! ;)


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