Mar 25 2010

Ad Stalking… Stalking Your Ideal Customer

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How would you like to virtually stalk your perfect customer and show them your ads even on sites you are not specifically targeting?

Well, it’s becoming more and more possible these days through this technique called retargeting.

Retargeting is based on the idea that people who see an ad the first time, don’t necessarily click on it the first time. But, by seeing the ad over and over again, the chances of them clicking the ad increases dramatically.

Now when your “ideal” visitor visits one site and sees your ad on google adsense. Then let’s say they visit another totally unrelated site that you’re not targeting at all. Because it’s the same person, adsense can target that person and show them your ad again so they see it multiple times. (I call it Ad Stalking haha)

Therefore more and more media buying networks and advertising networks (such as Google) are starting to implement this retargeting technique and I have heard that this is having great returns for direct response advertisers (affiliates).

Although Google just recently launched this you can read more about it here.

Another cool thing, is you can see what Google thinks you like.

This is such an awesome idea and I bet you will begin to see more and more companies implementing this type of marketing.

EDIT: As commenter Eugeniu pointed out, I was a bit wrong in how I explained above (not clear). Remarketing is when someone visits your website (let’s say your hotel website or affiliate landing page), and because they have visited your site before (but not purchased), they will be much more likely to purchase something from your ads. Therefore you can target people who have visited your site across the networks of content network sites (with say, a discount coupon).

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